Glorm Prices Continue To Fall, Glormmongers “Concerned”

Glormport, Ceres – Glorm prices fell today, continuing a year-long down trend in the glorm markets that is making the General Manager of the Glormmongers Association, Harold Mornay,  “Very concerned.” “I mean, how are we supposed to compete with shplint when the government is slapping restrictions on everything we glorm?”, asked Mornay. “You can’t glorm this, you can’t glorm that, you can glorm this but only 80 billion tonnes a day! It’s government overreach gone amok I tell you!” However, renowned economist, and regular contributor to the Mox News Network, Phillip Round, proposes another explanation: “Obviously these environmental restrictions on glorm are ridiculous since the scientific community is still very much split on the whole space-time thing,* but the truth is, with new technological developments, shplint has just become a much cheaper alternative to glorm.  If the glormmongers want to keep their numbers where they’re at then they are going to have to figure out how to glorm things for a lot less credits. And frankly, I don’t see that happening.”

*Editor’s note: 98% of peer reviewed studies on the subject have found that glorming causes massive and often irreparable damage to the fabric of space-time.

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