Tech Tycoon Mysteriously ‘Deleted’ After Advancing ‘Simulation Theory’

San Diego, Earth – Elcore Tusk, the flamboyant CEO of electric spacecraft company ‘Edison’, disappeared today under mysterious circumstances at the world famous San Diego Comic-Con convention. Tusk was in the midst of explaining his ‘Simulation Theory’, which argues that, if a civilization were capable of making a virtual reality that was indistinguishable from actual reality, they would probably make a great number of them, and the chances that we exist in the original reality are quite small. Claire Geldoff, self-professed sci-fi nerd, described the events: “Elcore had been speaking for, like, two or three minutes when he started to look… fuzzy. Like, out of focus. I thought maybe it was my AR specs, but he kept getting lower and lower def until he was just a bunch of big, blocky pixels that faded away.” Tusk is known for his ‘extravagant’ PR stunts and many pundits suggest this is just another one of his juvenile attention-getting schemes. When asked for a follow-up comment later that day, Geldoff seemed confused and claimed she had never heard of Tusk or Comic-con. At print time many conspiracy theorists were citing the incident as another example of the Mandela Effect, claiming that Elcore Tusk had never actually existed in the first place.

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