Y3K Strikes Again

Geneva Station, Low Earth Orbit – The Y3K bug, which threatened to shut down all computer activity at the turn of the millennium, may not have been as inconsequential as was once thought, says a new report from the Centers for Timeline Control. According to the report, any file or system that was patched with the popular Y3Kant quantum stabilizer software may now exist in both the 31st and 21st centuries simultaneously. When asked if this would have an impact on the timeline, CTC Deputy Director Warren Clover explained, “Yes and no. It probably did have an effect on the timeline, but now we are living in that new timeline. So, you know, all’s well that ends well. Worst case scenario, some confused citizens in the 21st century will find some weird documents on the Internet that they can’t explain.” When pressed about the CTC’s plans to repair the timeline, Clover became very agitated: “No, of course we aren’t going to try to fix the timeline, who knows what the old timeline was like? If you’re really hell bent on popping yourself out of existence there’s an airlock right over there. Just leave the rest of us out of it!”

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